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Here at SERVS, we provide Emergency Responders with the most state-of-the-art ambulances so you can focus on saving lives. We are the Ambulance People.

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SERVS is proud to represent the top ambulance brands in America. Representing AEV and Horton Emergency Vehicles; SERVS has something to offer every customer. As a REV brand ambulance dealer, SERVS is held to the highest standards in the industry ensuring the best products and service. At our industry leading remount center, we provide the highest standard in remounting.

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Professional Ambulance is now part of SERVS LLC

SERVS is proud to bring 30 years of industry leading customer service to you. We welcome our Professional Ambulance customers to the SERVS family.

National EMS Week

For National EMS Week, we express gratitude to those heroic, selfless, and resilient men and women who deliver life saving care to all. 

Recent Deliveries

CY-Fair Fire Department
Ozark EMS
Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Department
Echo EMS Rescue Squad
Marshall Medical Centers
Bagley Fire Rescue
Covenant Children's Hospital
Concord Fire & Rescue
Marshall Medical Centers
Cochran County EMS
Duncanville Fire
Wylie Fire Rescue
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