Horton is synonymous with safety and innovation and is the ambulance industry’s gold standard for custom Type 1, Type 3 & CCT ambulances. SERVS and Horton have built some of the most cutting edge ambulances on the road today. With an unrivaled research and development department Horton truly invests more into their products than any other ambulance manufacturer.

A little bit about Horton.

When you’re a paramedic, an EMT, or a fire rescue crew in a critical care situation, every moment requires split-second decisions. That’s why we obsess over quality, safety, customization, and innovation – the four pillars of Horton manufacturing – before those decisions ever get made. Together, they result in the most state-of-the-art ambulances on Earth.

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Horton Type I Ambulances

The Work Horse

Long days, overnights, rain, snow and the toughest scenes. Horton Type I Ambulance Trucks have been there, done that, and come back for more. Crews welcome the built-in strength, the ample storage, and customized patient compartments. Versatile in large city environments, small rural areas, and in extreme situations, the optional four-wheel drive is just the cherry on top.

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Horton Type III Ambulances

The First Response

Built for the road as much as they are for the scene, Horton Type III ambulances are the ideal combination of strength and agility. Utilizing a van cutaway chassis, drivers can expect tight turning radiuses for exceptional maneuvering and control, while the whole crew will find these units offer the comfort of a car-like ride. Add in high-quality performance and comprehensive safety, and the Type III becomes an obvious choice for first response.

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Horton Critical Care Transport/Medium-Duty Ambulances

The Specialist

Our Critical Care Transport (CCT) units are built-to-order emergency vehicles that meet the unique needs of departments all across the globe. Need a fully-customized interior? We’ll build, design, and outfit a patient compartment that allows you to respond with specialized care, including neonatal. Need the durability of a heavy-duty truck, but the flexibility to adapt to each scene? Our CCT’s are engineered to a level most ambulance manufacturers won’t build to, which means you can expect a custom ambulance that lives up to all expectations.

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