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SERVS Remounting Services

Even with the best preventive maintenance plan and quality service repairs, every ambulance chassis will eventually become worn and unreliable. Remounting has become a popular option to get the most value out of your investment. Most ambulance modules can be removed from the original chassis and installed on a brand new chassis. By refurbishing and reusing the original ambulance module you can get the benefits of a new unit at a much lower cost.

SERVS has been remounting ambulances for over 20 years. Our team has experience with most every brand of ambulance on the road today.

We operate a full service GVS compliant 36,000 square foot remount facility in Comanche, Texas. We have the capability to perform virtually every part of the process under one roof. This allows us to better manage the quality and production of every vehicle.

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Built with experience, care, and precision

The master craftsmen in our counter and cabinet shop have decades of experience. From custom solid surface counters to replacing basic cabinet hardware SERVS delivers quality.

Our in house paint department is operated by most talented team in the industry uses the same Sikkens materials used by the leading original ambulance manufacturers. From a plane white wrapper to full custom multi color paint scheme.

A finished product that will turn heads

SERVS has the skill and experience to make your ambulance show worthy. SERVS and work together to maintain a large parts department staffed by experienced ambulance parts agents. This allows us to minimize or eliminate delays or caused by outside vendors. All of these advantages allow SERVS to deliver the best remounted ambulances in the industry.