SERVS has been an AEV dealer for nearly 30 years, growing to be one of the most successful dealers in the US. Together we have built a foundation of trust with our mutual customers that has lasted the test of time. SERVS and AEV know how to listen to our customers to provide solutions that are much more than just an ambulance. SERVS represents AEV in AL, MS, AR, LA, OK, TX & NM.

A little bit about AEV

Nestled deep within the Blue Ridge Mountains among rolling hills and timeless farmhouses — like a real-life Norman Rockwell painting — AEV is a place where American pride turns work into passion, where unwavering commitment transforms jobs into careers and where focused processes make AEV one of the most well-oiled machines among ambulance manufacturers. Here, one-of-a-kind starts with the details that matter, vendors are treated as long-lasting partners and dealers are proud to be a part of the AEV dealer network. At AEV, the American made becomes the American crafted.

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AEV Type I Ambulances

Beyond Standard

When you need a Type I ambulance truck to add to your fire or emergency fleet, trust AEV — one of the most well-oiled machines in the industry. Here, one-of-a-kind starts with the details that matter.

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AEV Type II Ambulances

More than Anyone

There’s a reason AEV builds the most Sprinter ambulances in the U.S., and it all starts with AEV’s meticulous manufacturing processes. As a trusted partner and a preferred up-fitter of Mercedes-Benz, AEV delivers the most dependable Type II ambulances, and that’s only the beginning. We’re also proud to build on the Chevy and Ford Transit ambulance chassis.

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AEV Type III Ambulances

A Certified Favorite

Certified and preferred, AEV’s meticulous manufacturing operations make it the favorite among Type III ambulance customers. Whether you’re looking for a 148” model or 172” ambulance, AEV is able to customize any Ford, Chevy or Sprinter ambulance to meet your needs, while matching Ford QVM, Chevy SVP and Mercedes’ preferred up-fitter standards.

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AEV Critical Care Transport/Medium-Duty Ambulances

Answer The Call

For those crews who need more than just an ambulance, AEV manufactures medium-duty emergency vehicles that are as customized as they come. Heavy-duty and feature-packed, these custom ambulances answer the call — no matter the demand. When it comes to your emergency needs, we’ll be there.

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