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SERVS Company History

SERVS Company History

Richard Harkrider discovers a lifelong passion

1974 in rural Louisiana, Richard Harkrider stopped to help an injured motorist at the scene of an automobile accident. Richard stayed to help first responders, and gained a lifelong passion for the EMS industry. He became a paramedic after graduating high school.

Richard founds Richards and Clarke

After a few years in the EMS field, Richard saw an unmet need for service and support for ambulances. In October of 1979, Richard started Richards and Clarke to fill this need.

Richard founds Regional Ambulance Service

In 1985, Richard founded Regional Ambulance service. This highlighted another need in the ambulance industry, remounting.

Richard forms partnership with AEV

In 1992, Richards and Clark became an American Emergency Vehicles (AEV) Dealer and remounter.

Richards and Clarke grows into SERVS

By 2007, the business had outgrown its old home and its old name. Richards and Clarke was renamed Southern Emergency and Rescue Vehicle Sales (SERVS) and moved to a 32,000 square foot facility in Clinton, Louisiana.

Richard’s legacy lives on

December 12th, 2012, Richard passes unexpectedly. There was a parade of ambulances and fire apparatus to memorialize his contributions to the industry. His wife Gina started the next chapter in the SERVS legacy.

Gina passes the torch

In 2016, after nearly 4 years of steady growth, Gina decides to take a less active role in the business. Troy Miceli along with Matt and Lisa Kuhn acquire SERVS from Gina.

SERVS expands its footprint

In 2018, continued growth allows SERVS to purchase Professional Ambulance expanding the SERVS footprint to a total of 10 states.

SERVS returns home

In 2019, SERVS opens a sales office in Loveland, Colorado and consolidates the two remount facilities. SERVS’ Louisiana office is moved from Clinton back to its roots in the capital city of Baton Rouge.